FREE Foundation: Scholars Program

The mission of the Foundation for Research and Education Excellence (FREE Foundation) will be furthered by leveraging and supporting select individuals as part of the Foundation’s Scholar program. These individuals will contribute to the aims of the Foundation through their expertise, analysis, guidance, and writings, and will be appointed as Associate Scholar, Scholar, and Senior Scholar, depending on their degree of experience (see below).

An Associate Scholar, Scholar, and Senior Scholar should have demonstrated production and publication of research and analysis in the fields of biomedical and health sciences, higher education and learning, and in creativity and discovery in general, with a scholarly excellence similar to that of an Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor, or equivalent, at an accredited university or other center of higher education, respectively.

An Associate Scholar’s, Scholar’s, and Senior Scholar’s rights and responsibilities include:

  • Support, promote, and contribute to the goals of the FREE Foundation.
  • Work closely with the FREE Foundation Executive Director and staff to discuss policy research and analysis ideas in relation to the FREE Foundation’s mission, as well as the form in which dissemination of this work will take, e.g., potential blogs, reports, or forums.
  • Produce publishable analyses regarding the need for, the opportunities of, the challenges inherent, and other related topics on corporate restructuring higher education, subject to approval by the FREE Foundation Executive Director. The quantity of the productivity required will vary by scholarship track:
    • Associate Scholar: a minimum of one relevant and publishable analyses annually.
    • Scholar: a minimum of two relevant and publishable analyses annually.
    • Senior Scholar: a minimum of three relevant and publishable analyses annually.
  • Serve as a mentor to younger/newer individuals interested in research, analysis, and policy in the field.
  • Participate in FREE Foundation-sponsored events, including the potential lecture, podcast and webinar series.
  • Foster collaborations and future goals of FREE Foundation.
  • Maintain the highest standards of integrity and ethical principles and ensure that their action does not diminish the FREE Foundation’s general reputation, credibility, or marketability.
  • Notify the FREE Foundation before using their FREE Foundation affiliation in the media or at other public events. Associate Scholars, Scholars, and Senior Scholars may only use their affiliation during the term of your appointment.

The request for initial appointment should state qualifications and interest in the organization, potential benefit to FREE Foundation, along with the supporting documents. The request should be forwarded to the FREE Foundation Executive Director.

Appointments will be for a period of two years, at which time the Associate Scholar, Scholar, or Senior Scholar may elect to request renewal or advancement (if Associate Scholar to Scholar, and if Scholar to Senior Scholar) of their appointment, providing written support for this request.

The FREE Foundation Executive Director will meet, electronically or in person, within four (4) weeks of the request for renewal or advancement to consider and issue a decision regarding the appointment. A letter of decision will be sent to the applicant with copies sent to the President of the FREE Foundation.

Regardless, at any time, a scholar’s appointment may be reviewed by the FREE Foundation Executive Director, and the appointment may be rescinded, if deemed necessary due to misconduct or any infraction not in accordance with the standards of the FREE Foundation.